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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  February 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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meantime, think about this. let's focus on the human dimension. the broward county sheriff said this earlier today. if you see something, say something. you see someone alone, share a bit of human concern for them. a little kindness could save them. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. i am shannon bream in washington. ingram valentine's day for students at marjory stoneman douglas high school north of miami as a former student allegedly shot and killed 17 people. 17 lives lost in minutes. at this hour, more than a dozen others remain hospitalized. the suspect, in 19-year-old former student of the school, is in police custody. corresponded phil keating is on the scene and he joins us live. >> good evening. the high school is about a quarter-mile behind me. it remains in the dark. all inside and outside, it's a massive crime scene this evening. 12 of the seven fatalities remain inside the school, as the
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crime scene is being processed. eventually they will be removed. five of the 17 as of an hour ago had still not been positively identified. that is simply because they didn't have i.d. on them. the chaos of running from the classrooms into the hallway and dying in a hail of bullets from the alleged suspect, a former student expelled from this exact high school last year for disciplinary reasons. identified by investigators as a 19-year-old nikolas cruz. according to them, around 2:30, pulled the fire alarm, that was to engage students and teachers as they ran outside for what many thought was a drill but turned out to be not a drill whatsoever. and then started shooting, trying to take the highest death toll he allegedly could. that is 17 shot and killed. 12 inside the school, two outside the school, one down the street. two died in the hospital while
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being treated. 15 people were taken to local hospitals for wounds. 30 to 32 people shot. we believe most of them certainly some of them could have been injured during the stampeding of chaos and confusion. students running out of the school as they were released in groups of 8 and 28. they were clearing the classrooms. a lot of the students and teachers had been barricaded in terror inside the classrooms as they heard the gunshots out in the hallway. unsolved bullets breaking through glass and shattering windows. blood on the floor. as were thick as you can imagine, they say that's exactly what it was. at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, the broward county sheriff, the governor rick scott, as well as attorney general pam bondi and the broward county school superintendent all gave a brief update and press conference. here's some of what they said. >> a horrific day, a detestable
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day. i am absolutely sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils loose their lives. this nation, we need to see something and say something. >> you are furious. how could this happen in this country? how could this happen in this state? this is a state focused on keeping all of our children safe. you come to the conclusion this is just absolutely pure evil. >> no parent should ever have to send their kids to school and have them not return. that should not happen in parkland. it shouldn't happen anywhere in this country. >> student witnesses of the shooting said the suspect, the shooter was wearing a black cap and a burgundy shirt and black pants. within an hour and 15 minutes about a mile and a half away from the school, that person was apprehended, 19-year-old nikolas cruz wearing that exact outfit. according to the sheriff, he was
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armed with multiple magazines fully loaded, and ar-15 assault weapon and according to one of the students in the school of the time, she says she thought it was all a drill. >> usually the teachers know if this is a drill and she looked concerned. we were all trying to stay calm hiding. most of the class tried to fit behind her desk. there is ten kids on the other side by the computer cart kind of near the window. we knew it was real and we saw the shots go through the window and glass shattered everywhere. a couple kids in my class got hit. >> earlier in the day there had been a fire drill at the school so a lot of the students at 2:30 thought this was just a follow-up drill. in fact, it wasn't. some of the students said when they started hearing pops, they thought they were valentine balloons popping in another classroom. as soon as they saw the carnage,
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they knew this was something far, far worse. >> shannon: phil keating, live on the scene. joining us now to talk about how florida is handling the tragedy, governor rick scott. great to have you with us. >> hi, shannon. you just stop and think about these families and how their lives were completely changed today. 17 individuals that we know of. i just left the hospital and talked to some of the families. victims had surgery today. as soon as i heard it happens, i've talked to sheriff israel, i talked to president trump and krista nielsen at homeland security. -- kirstjen nielsen. this is an evil person, an evil act. i can't imagine. i have children and grandchildren and my want everyone to be safe.
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>> shannon: governor, you are the leader of the state but in circumstances like this, you are expected to be a comforter. for families, law enforcement officials. what can you tell us about what you found, how people are coping. >> you always have to appreciate law enforcement willing to put their lives at risk not knowing what is behind the door, around the corner. and the broward sheriff, the deputies showed up and they did their jobs, and i know they are working hard. talking to families tonight, i can't imagine how this could happen. i can't imagine how it could happen, why would an individual take somebody else's life like this? we don't understand. broward county sheriff's office is doing a thorough
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investigation to find out the facts. they will put out the facts and then we will figure out what to do. we have gone through other incidents like this, the shooting at the airport. the terrorist attack in orlando. our heart goes out to every family member that's been impacted. >> shannon: each of those wasn't horrific, -- each of those was a horrific, tragic event. here you are dealing with another situation. how do you bring together that community to move forward and most of these are young people, people who were defending young people who stepped up to be heroes in the worst possible circumstances and didn't make it. >> you talk to people and people are very resilient. people come together. it's a strong state. you give appropriate hugs and you tell people you love them
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and you love their families and you're going to pray for them. and then you provide whatever services you can. the attorney general pam bondi has victim advocates she has brought tonight. we will have more tomorrow. their job is to help each family member cope with this. the superintendent is going to be bringing in counselors for the students at the school. this is a big school. it's a wonderful school. my wife was there last year. it's a wonderful group of students. they are going to need help and i know the superintendent is going to bring in counselors for the students. pam bondi, the attorney general, is going to bring in counselors or victim advocates for the families. >> shannon: governor, we thank you for your time. we know this is incredibly stressful. our prayers are with you and every single person impacted by the events of today. thank you, sir. i'm joined by former cia analyst buck sexton and former analyst
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don longino. thank you for your time. i want to play a little bit of what share of israel had to say. he said this again and again through multiple press conference. >> absolutely sick to my stomach to see children who go to school armed with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. this nation, we need to say something and. if we see apparent behavior, we need to reported to local authorities. >> shannon: we heard multiple reactions from students and witnesses who said the minute they heard something like this was happening, they thought of this suspect. they were afraid of him. his social media portrayed violent images. they didn't seem surprised at all. buck, what can they do? the school expelled him. he is now 19 years old. absent a very direct threat, how
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involved in law enforcement get in stopping someone like this. >> unless he breaks the law, there is not all that much that can be done. it's very difficult to get someone involuntarily committed for example to a mental institution. the legal processes for that are generally byzantine. this fits what's more of a commonality than profile. when you're talking to these -- about these mass school shootings, individuals are known as strange, loners, people who feel bullied, people who feel angry. they express the anger in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable. there is some common traits among the shooters and that's the case in florida with this individual but that's not enough to get a profile together that is necessarily allows you to stop an attack like this. as you are pointing out, then what do you do? there are a lot of people who are loners. they have strange social media profiles. they even seem to have a penchant for talking about
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violence. if law enforcement does not have legal grounds to detain them or stop them because of a crime, there isn't all that much that can be done. he was expelled by the school. the school knew about him. he came back to the school and unfortunately that's why we have this tragedy. >> shannon: dan, we hear cases all the time of people who post inappropriate things or they get in trouble. they are not going to go load up a gun, take these magazines with them and try to wipe people out. there's no way law enforcement, taxed as it is, could track every case like this. >> you are right. it is difficult. there are some indicators. the secret service did a pretty exhaustive study with the national threat assessment center on targeted school violence. there were some takeaways from this that may be school administrators, it would set off some warning bells. who knows. maybe even a simple intervention and a sit down with the student can prevent them from that trigger moment we hope. some of the takeaways were this:
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a history of bullying. in some cases they know that some of the bullying was extreme. secondly most of the weapons used in these attacks came from the home. the lesson there is if you have weapons in the home, as i do, make sure you secure them. and third, this is important, shannon. the attacker, in the majority of these cases, the overwhelming majority, told someone in advance of the attack. sometimes specifically what they intended to do. here's where it gets even worse. some of the people they told actually encouraged them to go and carry out the attack. i'm not making this up. this is on the secret service website. you can read it yourself. >> shannon: bok, we heard from a couple student witnesses who said there were times he was hinting or threatening about doing something like this. we are told to have these kids say something if they see or hear something. it's not clear they committed that to authorities but there were clearly many red flags with the suspect. >> this reminds me a lot of the
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challenge of dealing with radicalization and jihadist terror cases. there will be individuals will hear things around somebody i'm a coming in contact with them day-to-day that gives them pause and makes them concerned. sometimes there will be an intervention. sometimes law enforcement will show up and sit down and say you have been talking about some pretty outlandish and crazy things. you better rethink that. and that can be effective. sometimes it's not. sometimes the suspect or subject may decide if they will escalate their plans in response. it's always on a case-by-case basis. this is where you get into the constant vigilance needed by everyone around an individual like this. the moment you recognize somebody has in a mental instability that could lead to violence, there's an obligation on family members, on administrators of the school, teachers, law enforcement brought in the picture to do everything they can to intervene in whatever way possible.
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unfortunately we are talking about over 100,000 schools in the country, millions of students. there are a lot of disaffected angry kids. the vast majority of them don't turn to violence like this. you are trying to sift out with limited resources and time that one case that brings terrible tragedy. >> shannon: not long ago there were parents who reported their own daughter. they discovered she was planning or plotting some attack. that young lady is now facing prison time. her own parents had to take that step. often that's where it's got to come from. buck and dan, thank you very much. the president and first lady were quick to respond to do the shooting. chief national correspondent ed henry is tracking the political reaction. >> the first 911 call came in at 2:30 eastern. within minutes, the president was briefed. about an hour later he was on the phone with governor rick scott who you just heard from. then the president spoke to the
8:15 pm
public at large via twitter declaring he would be working not just with the governor about law enforcement in florida and adding "my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school." first lady melania trump was spending valentine's day trying to cheer up sick children spending the holidays in children's hospital here in the washington area. she tweeted "my heart is heavy over the school shooting in florida. keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers." the president has a long track record for raising money for law enforcement. the local sheriff said he heard directly from the president today by phone, as did florida attorney general pam bondi who told fox the president told her he's most worried about the families affected, as she waited on the other key the case. >> you are talking to a career
8:16 pm
prosecutor who has prosecuted death penalty cases. we don't know. when you kill that amount of people, surely this would be a death penalty case. >> the president and first lady made a high-profile trip to las vegas in october to comfort the victims of that shooting. since the president is already scheduled to be in orlando on friday for an event before heading to mar-a-lago, a side trip is not set in stone but seems likely. >> shannon: thank you very much. coming up, more from parkland, florida, on this tragic day. we're going to speak with the florida congressman who used to live right by the school, this community every day. >> we were on the field. we heard the gunshots. we hid in the tennis courts. then we went to the locker rooms. we went out into the gym and they evacuated us. >> it's valentine's day so this
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hospital. joining me now in washington is florida republican congressman brian mast. you use to live there. >> i know a lot of folks in that community. i know the neighborhood surrounding her. i know students there. i have spoken to their jrotc before. this touch is close to home. >> shannon: this is one of many instances florida has had. you have the instant at the fort lauderdale airport. pulse, which was tragic as well. why are you having to comfort so many people and go through this over and over again? it just seems like there is no solution to this kind of violence. >> there is no question there is no good solution. if you ask me personally, i don't like to cast nets over society but i've heard a lot of people talk about the descent o-
8:22 pm
desensitization to killing. i was desensitized to killing on the battlefield. i know how to not glorious it is. it's not glorious to see somebody cry out for their family. that's not a glorious thing. that's not what people get out of playing call of duty. i think there's far too much that is desensitized in a way that's unhealthy. >> shannon: there's a lot of discussions i've heard. people talking about our culture and where we are with movies, music, games that are so realistic. a lot of young people who are hurting. the school superintendent talking about mental health issues. this person is 19. he is technically an adult. what can be done to encourage people to get help with mental health especially if they don't think they needed and they don't
8:23 pm
want it. >> and a lot of it is taking the stigma out of mental health. those of us who have been on the battlefield, they've been in the military, we are well aware of the stigma that can be associated with post-traumatic stress. it's a very real thing. you are worried, what are people going to think of me if i seek out help, seek out counseling. if somebody sees me walk out of that door, it's a very real thing. i think we have to work together to take that stigma out of it. let people know eye is a representative, as a member of congress, i don't mind talking about my experiences and i don't mind sharing about the times that i am hurt about something or things can affect me or things can bring a tear to my eye. it's important we share at all levels from law enforcement to elected officials to anybody else that's affected by it. let people know it's not something you have to be ashamed about. it's something that's part of the human condition. >> shannon: what about the students we are hearing from, they thought he was joking. he did hint or make threats about these kinds of things. they saw his social media.
8:24 pm
they all seemed very well aware of what was going on but it seemed like many of the adults in his life didn't. >> you can't take this lightly, especially in today's world. we know there are copycats. we know this is something that's happened across the state of florida numerous times. across the country many times. we know it's a very real thing. sheriff israel said if you see something, say something. that has to be the policy. take it seriously and create a climate in that respect where people are going to choke. we have a beautiful language but i don't know a word that does justice to this tragedy, the killing of innocents. >> shannon: you served our country overseas and now on the hill. thank you for your service. another deadly day at an
8:25 pm
american school. we will take you back to the scene for updates. what we're learning about the 19-year-old suspect in custody at this hour as police search for a motive. >> dead bodies in the hallway. people were killed in the hallway. >> we heard gunshots. i felt gunshots. >> we had 17 confirmed victims. 12 victims within the building. "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results.
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>> shannon: a terrifying scene for young students today at a florida high school where 17 people were killed, many injured. many thought initially was a fire drill. we have a junior at marjory stoneman douglas, she was a witness to today's events. how are you and your friends doing? >> hi. we are all good. thank you. we are all recovering. we are worried about everyone in the hospital. everyone who hasn't been named
8:30 pm
yet. >> shannon: can you clarify. we heard there was a drill earlier that truly was just a drill. if that's the case, did you think this was a repeat? what were your initial reaction reactions? >> there was a drill during the beginning of second period. i didn't think much of it. i thought it was kind of weird we would have a second fire drill. not only a second fire drill but one of the end of the day. i don't know. i went along with it. i didn't think anything this severe could happen. >> shannon: at what point did you realize what was actually happening? >> i was walking downstairs, going to the usual place where we go for the fire drill. i heard loud noises but i didn't think anything like this could happen. i assumed they were garbage trucks or something. i heard what seemed like gun noises repeatedly happening.
8:31 pm
i saw people screaming and running, and then i knew. >> shannon: was there a point at which you thought "i've got to get out of here." what were your thoughts when you saw folks running and you realized it was not a drill. >> i heard everyone screaming and running. i didn't know what else to do besides do the same. yeah. >> shannon: i know this is a large high school and a lot of people said they did know something about the suspect. they heard something about him. they were afraid of him. did you know anything about him? have you talked with friends or classmates who had fears about him or were fermenter with him? >> i had seen him being at the school. he seemed like -- strange to me but i never had a personal expense with him. when i was locked in the closet
8:32 pm
with some people, this girl had spoken to him personally and knew him. he posted pictures of deceased animals on guns and stuff. she knew of more about him that i did. >> shannon: you mentioned you were trapped in a closet or hiding in a closet at one point. what was going through your mind? >> yeah. what was going through my mind was not only did i want to be alive and safe. i was texting my family frantically that i loved them. i was worried about everyone around me, all of my friends, where they were. it was very hectic. there were many thoughts going through my mind. >> shannon: i am sure. we know the school is closed for the rest of the week. we don't know if you will return monday. what will it be like when you do go back to this building? >> i don't really know. i've been thinking about it. it is so surreal to me that all of this could happen in my own
8:33 pm
school. walking the halls, knowing people were injured here, died here. it is so much to think about. i don't even know where to start. it will feel unreal. >> shannon: what was it like when you finally got through to your parents, your family, to see them and be united with the them. having the moment of being reunited. i'm sure it felt good. >> yeah. after we got out of the school, the roads were blocked. they were waiting at the marriott hotel. it was really difficult. i had to wait for a while. they knew i was safe. i just wanted to see them. once i saw them, it was a relief to be in the car going back home after all of this, hours of thi this. >> shannon: i am quite sure for them as well. believed to have you back in
8:34 pm
their arms. lawrence know, we thank you and we glad you are safe. our prayers will continue for everybody impacted by this. as you way through this and return there. thank you, lauren. the suspect has been identified as nikolas cruz, a former student at the school was taken into police custody this afternoon about a mile from the scene. trace gallagher has been tracking this. he's joining us with everything we know so far. good evening. >> these reports saying the shooter wore a gas mask and had smoke bombs. 19-year-old nikolas cruz was enrolled at stoneman douglas high a few months ago before he was expelled for disciplinary reasons. his former classmates say he would have known most students would be on the third floor and by pulling the fire alarm as many students say he did, it
8:35 pm
would draw students into the hall. last year many of the suspects classmates jokingly predicted that if there was a school shooting, nikolas cruz would be the attacker. one classmate recall cruz showing him guns on his cell phone saying he planned to use them because shooting weapons gave him an exhilarated feeling. a teacher at stoneman douglas told the "miami herald" that cruz made threats against students last year. because of that, teachers were notified that cruz was not to be allowed on campus with a backpack. buzzfeed is reporting the suspect had complained to his classmates that he was being bullied and he was tired of it. tonight the broward county sheriff says the suspects social media footprint should have set off alarm bells. >> if you are on a website and you know something and you've seen something, you see a person with rifles and weaponry and you see something that's not right, you owe it to your family, you owe it to your community, and you owe it to law enforcement to
8:36 pm
make a safer nation by calling up someone. >> the social media accounts of the suspect we pulled up reflect that. on instagram, nikolas cruz followed several gun groups, showed pictures of himself brandishing knives and guns and even followed some middle eastern resistant groups. recently posted a picture of a bull's-eye riddled with bullets with a caption that says "group therapy. you should try it." reports that nikolas cruz and his brother were adopted and were troubled kids. a family member told the south florida sun sentinel that cruz was upset over the death of his adopted mother in november but he also had a history of emotional problems. >> shannon: that can be an event for anybody that just shatters your life. trace, thank you very much. more coverage of today's horrific shooting in florida but we also want to give you an update on some of the other stories we are keeping an eye on. president trump denouncing domestic violence today. house investigators announced
8:37 pm
they will be looking into how former white house aide rob porter was able to work under an interim security clearance despite multiple allegations of domestic abuse. veterans affairs secretary david shulkin under fire after an internal investigation revealed he improperly excepted wimbledon tennis tickets and charged taxpayers for his wife's airfare during european trip last summe summer. other expenses in question is all. david shulkin maintains he doesn't do anything improper but will offer reimbursement if advised to do so. tomorrow could be key in the debate over the future of dreamers as a bipartisan group of 22 senators floats a proposal that gives young illegal immigrants a 12 your path to citizenship but also includes funding for the present border wall. but would not and end the visa lottery. mitt romney announcing he's not going to make any news tomorrow about utah's senate race in light of today's shooting florida. stay with us for late breaking of elements tonight as we are starting to learn more about the
8:38 pm
teenager suspected of killing 17 people at a florida high school. we will take you back to portland after the break. >> people were on their phones trying to snapchat. students freaking out. teachers. >> i thought it was a drill. >> we knew it was real when we saw the bullets, shots going through the window and glass shattered. a couple kids in my class got hit. y... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> shannon: let's check in with one of the leading organizations for school safety and security. we continue to monitor the deadly events in south florida. i'm joined by their president. good evening, michael. unfortunately this is your area of expertise. how can any school to be prepared to meet this kind of threat when somebody shows up and they are armed and determined. >> good evening, shannon. thank you for having us. very, very sad day in florida. our heartfelt prayers to the community of parkland. schools can do a myriad of things to try to mitigate these things. unfortunately there is no guarantee against this awful, awful threat. implementing a 21st century safe school, best practices for things that schools can do to help mitigate such things from
8:43 pm
happening. >> shannon: i have been in plenty of high schools these days covering stories and covering violence. many of them do have metal detectors. there are a lot of parents who, that's not the ideal situation. they don't want their kids to feel that way about going to school but is it something that in this situation would have stopped this individual? >> hard to say. metal detectors, that's one of many things that may or may not be effective. a comprehensive security plan is just that. it's copperheads. many different parts working in synergy. quite frankly, it all starts with evidence-based advanced training. help to mitigate whatever threat you may have. >> shannon: i want to play something from the sheriff, broward county sheriff talking about what you do with somebodys this determined. here's what he said. >> if a person is predisposed to commit such a horrific event by going to a school and shooting people, if a person is going to drive a truck into a crowded
8:44 pm
area. if a person is committed to committing great carnage, there's not anybody or a lot law enforcement can do about it. >> shannon: with that in mind, you talk about training. what is the best advice to educators, students who find themselves in this situation. >> that officer was absolutely right. if somebody is that determined to drive a vehicle into your school, that's hard to stop. when we talk about training, we are looking at the root of a problem. bullying is the number one determining factor to school shootings. yet when it comes to bullying, most don't think about active shooter. they think about other things. we do in this case this particular attacker, through reports from students and social media reports, he was in fact bullied. plays into bullying being the number one contorting factor. >> shannon: a number of students reported their interactions, their fears about him.
8:45 pm
i want to play a sound bite from one of the students who spoke about that today. >> i would see him walking around. he was shy. he wouldn't talk a lot. >> what was your take? >> he was like that weird kid at school you see. like a loner. >> shannon: described as shy, a loner. today he was anything but that when he showed up armed. 17 people have lost their lives, maybe more. >> these are some of the common threat indicators that school teachers, employees, students need to be taught and trained upon. if you understand what the threat indicators are, then obviously you can take action to try to mitigate things from happening. >> shannon: we thank you very much for your insights tonight. we know that what you do, and forming helping schools and colleges and other potentially vulnerable areas is very important.
8:46 pm
thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a horrific day in south florida. coverage continues right after this. >> you never expected to happen. >> i hear boom, boom, boom. what the heck was that? that can't be anything other than a gunshot. i started running. i was like, i'm not about to be shot. >> we have drills for that. but i was able to do it with chantix. i did not know that chantix would reduce my urges so significantly. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures,
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>> he is in custody and we've already begun to dissect his websites and the things on social media he was on and some of the things that come to mind are very, very disturbing. >> shannon: that was broward county sheriff scott israel as investigators start to piece together a portrait of the teenager suspected in today's deadly shooting. that picture is, as you heard him say, is "very disturbing." joining me to talk about the case, michael gottlieb. you have some personal connections as well. your daughter is a young student, not at the school but you have friends there. how are they doing? >> unfortunately it's a very,
8:51 pm
very tragic situation. everybody is traumatized. this is not what anybody expected on the regular wednesday at school, on ash wednesday at school or on valentine's day. was a very sad situation. unfortunately we know very many people who were injured and some were killed. it's just a very sad, tragic day. >> shannon: from a legal perspective, where does this go? multiple agencies involved. the shooter is in custody. and so many of these cases, nearly everyone of them, the shooter is either taken his own life or been taken up by law enforcement or by and interceding hero or good samaritan if you want to call them that. this individual has lived. he's going to have to go through the court system and talked with reddy's. what next? >> he doesn't have to talk to authorities. he has a right to remain silent. we will see whether he did or didn't speak to authorities. he is an adult, despite his age. he will be tried in adult court. he is looking at the death
8:52 pm
penalty in florida. numerous counts of felonies. what's going to happen is he will be arrested. he will have a magistrate court hearing tomorrow to determine whether or not he gets bond. it's very unlikely he will be given bond. he will be held in pretrial detention without bond. then he will have an arraignment once the state files charges. it's going to take some time to file charges because there's numerous incidents that took place here at school. there's a lot of them for them -- there is a lot for them to figure out. >> shannon: attorney general pam bondi saying she has been a lifelong prosecutor. she said we have to have the facts and we need to know more. based on what we know so far if it turns out to be what we think at this point, he would absolutely, in her words, be facing the death penalty. she also had this to say tonight. >> parents, you've got to monitor the stuff. if you see it, take everything seriously.
8:53 pm
take every threat seriously. reported to law enforcement. would rather you did that and be wrong 9% of the time that have anything happen. >> shannon: michael, how tough is this, whether you are a parent, friend, anyone in this young person's life, to look around and see somebody is behaving in a properly. you have questions about them. must be blocked think my child or this neighbor would never actually go and carry out something as hideous as this. but where is the line? where'd you get involved? where do you talk law enforcement? >> i think the problem is most people aren't going to talk to law enforcement despite the fact that there were numerous signs in this young man's life. as i understand, he was emotionally outcast. he didn't sit with other kids who were emotionally outcast. he had on his social media him torturing animals. he was a loner.
8:54 pm
he said he was going to come to school and do this kind of stuff. he was forecasting this tragedy yet nobody took action. most people don't take action in a situation like this. when we see something and we hear it and it's foreshadowed, we can tell the appropriate authorities and do something to prevent a tragedy like this. >> shannon: we all certainly have that responsibility and obligation. as you said, if nothing else good can come from it, hopefully we can take some lessons from preventing this from happening again. michael gottlieb, our best to your daughter, your friends and family down there going through this and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: final thoughts right after the break. >> i am absolutely sick to my stomach to see children who go to school armed with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. no parent should ever have to send their kid to school and have them not return. that should not happen in parkland. it shouldn't happen anywhere in this country.
8:55 pm
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>> boom, boom, boom. i thought it was firecrackers. after the last shot, i thought no, i am out. i ran back to my classroom. i told my teacher i think it's a shooting. i've told people can you not move around so we don't get killed? >> you don't expect this. someone could come in and bring a gun and shoot up the school. you don't know if you're going to get shot and killed right there and then. >> shannon: you been listening to the students who were witness to this today. something they never expected when they went to school this morning on ash wednesday, valentine's day. 17 people would be dead and many others now are still in surgery, in the hospital fighting for their lives all because of a shooting today at marjory stoneman douglas in parkland, florida, . a number of people senselessly gunned down on this day. we are learning more about the suspect and the connection to
9:00 pm
the school, his potential motives and the possibility that he will be in court tomorrow. stay with fox news for continuing coverage of the tragedy. we will monitor new developments overnight and have the latest for you starting at 4:00 a.m. eastern. >> tucker: this is a fox news t alert. as you have seen tonight, a school in parkland, florida, has been devastated by the rampage of a mass shooter, sad to report 17 people have been killed. the gunman opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school this afternoon. the suspected shooter is nikolas cruz, still alive taken away in an ambulance. in custody at this hour. eyewitnesses have described him to reporters today. >> we heard gunshots and going up and down the hallway, he shot in my door. shot in my door, and we heard it. >> i heard gunshots and then after when the police let us out, there were dead bodies everywhere. >> there was a lot of bloodn everywhere and bodies.


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